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Measurement of turned parts without the need for adjustment

Leader in automated testing and quality control

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Leader in automated testing and quality control

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solutions For Testing and Quality Control
For automated quality control equipment

qmt is a leader, in Switzerland and in France, in solutions for testing and quality control covering the entire life cycle of our customers' products: from R&D to production and qualification.

The solutions are carried out by the qmt team in order to best meet the needs of customers. By vision, by hearing, by automated solutions integrating artificial intelligence, qmt limits the number of imperfections of what is going or can be manufactured.

qmt has extensive experience in the watchmaking, aerospace & defense, automotive, medical, rail, electrical and energy sectors.

Project management and technologies
extensive technical and organizational know-how

Mastery of multiple disciplines such as micromechanics, electronics, optics, automation and software

Tailor-made solution
Solutions meeting specifications

qmt designs, develops and industrializes solutions that meet the specifications of its customers

Custom solutions
From the qmt standard
Products for testing and quality control

A range of high-performance products developed by our team. The Fit For You program allows for personalization

The strengths of qmt
  • We give confidence to our customers by taking charge of complex project issues
  • The wide know-how of the team, in particular in optics and acoustics
  • 30 years of experience and success with leading references
  • 6 product lines based on our standard platform
  • An ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified organization
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qmt takes stock of the current changes. It is no longer possible to meet at trade fairs, so we have to communicate in a different way. qmt will therefore put the necessary efforts to communicate digitally with you, to make important means are put in place

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qmt communicates in priority on its know-how, the technologies used and the innovations in a context of services but also of products. In addition we communicate on the news, the qmt team and the successes achieved

Visits are always privileged as far as possible

Our team comes to your place as much as possible. We favor this communication to process projects because it remains the most effective

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qmt has set up collaborative tools and trained its team to communicate effectively with new means

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qmt at the service of its customers with 30 years of success

In 1991, she applied LabVIEW for the development of her own installations and developed Multimicro, a motorized image analyzer with automatic microhardness measurement.

Our history
Extensive experience in 7 industries

qmt is active in all industries but with particular experience in watchmaking, automotive, medical, aeronautics & defense, electronics, energy and rail


qmt is a key player in the watch industry

Aeronautics & Defense

Test benches with advanced signal processing


Robust embedded systems certified to EN 50155


Quick and contactless quality control to aim for zero defects


Mechatronic solutions certified ISO13485

Electrical engineering

Test benches to qualify communicating products


We support our customers in the energy transition

Testimonials from our clients
Our customers talk about the collaboration with qmt

A complete retrofit of a multi-spindle endurance bench for the SKF company. The bench integrates real-time technologies, it is intended for endurance testing of high precision screws

Stations for measuring the geometry and the spatial position of the pins of current sensors. A completely turnkey solution was delivered: mechanics, optics, software and interface with the automatic line of LEM

The VideoBalisometer is state-of-the-art equipment intended primarily for watchmaking laboratories, so that they can perform precise measurements on the regulating organ and analyze the influences of all types of escapement.

qmt has developed and industrialized, as part of its OEM program, the QMTsort-Tip station for 100% quality control of medical pipettes. To guarantee the accuracy of this dosage, the pipette tips must have a perfect geometry and surface finish.

qmt delivered a QMTCheck-M4U station for dimensional measurement and aesthetic inspection of automotive parts. This station is integrated into the machining cell so that the measurements are used to regulate the manufacturing process

qmt has developed and industrialized, as part of its OEM program, the LPM TPM product for measuring the profile of rails. The systems are installed in grinder trains which relays the maintenance of railways around the world

LEM Switzerland SA
An innovative project with 3D vision
Simon Siggen, Vice-President of Operations at LEM, tells us about the active collaboration between qmt and LEM in order to develop “Swiss made” means of production and controls.
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BAUD Industries
BAUD Industries tells us about its experience with qmt
A family business created in 1978, BAUD Industries is recognized for its know-how and innovation in precision turning and machining.
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