Test your products from R&D to production

Test benches

For semi-automatic or automatic testing of all types of components
Test benches to aim for excellence

Qmt test benches can be semi-automatic or automatic. The first allows the technician to guide the performance measurement, while the second performs the test automatically and independently. A software chain the test scenarios: test temperature, position of the product in relation to an instrument, etc.

Depending on the nature and life cycle of the product, qmt designs and manufactures all types of test benches that can cover from Research & Development to production. This is to verify that the performance of the product meets its specifications.

  • Validation bench to test a product in the development phase in order to validate it before its marketing
  • Endurance bench to test the lifespan and reliability of the product. This test bench is used in the development phase.
  • Test bench for GO / NO GO manufacturing control. The product is accepted if the results comply with the specifications
  • Load bench for maintenance to detect a defective product and the origin of its failure, particularly in the field of electronics
Example of a test bench
ZigBee communicating cards tests
In order to guarantee optimal quality of its products to its customers, Profalux trusted qmt for the production of end-of-production test benches for controlled roller shutter motor boards using the ZigBee communication protocol.
With a 100% qmt design, the test bench reproduces the hardware environment of a control motor card with an antenna, a motor and the connectors. The assembly is encapsulated in a Faraday cage in order to electromagnetically isolate the product under test from its environment.
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An expertise
Automated Test, Measurement and Control

qmt is an expert in the realization of systems with high added value in Measurement and Signal Processing.

Since our founding in 1989, we have built our reputation on the excellence of our solutions and the satisfaction of our customers, and carry our values high: Agile and Reliable to build Excellence.

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Being the partner of innovative industries

We work with your R&D teams and your Laboratories by producing specific systems such as measurement benches, test benches, endurance benches and characterization benches during the study and development phases of your products.

Success factors for this type of application:
  • Richness, precision, frequency, quality of measurements
  • Completeness of the information returned
  • Richness and flexibility of interfaces
Satisfy customers
qmt meets customer needs

Solutions in accordance with ISO 13485

Products can be personalized thanks to the Fit For You program

Complementary skills available with qmt

Maintenance to guarantee the performance of the solutions delivered

Verification & Validation
Pivot between R&D and Production
Define the criteria, we take care of the means

We work with your V&V and IVVQ teams (Integration, Verification, Validation, Qualification) by carrying out benches verifying the conformity of your products to your needs and your requirements.

Success factors for this type of application:
  • Rigor with regard to protocols
  • Automation, integration of a configurable sequencer
  • Combination of rich and / or industrial interfaces
  • Robustness (endurance benches)
  • Traceability of results
Project management and technologies
Broad technical and organizational know-how

Mastery of multiple disciplines such as micromechanics, electronics, optics, automation and software

The know-how
Tailor-made solution
Solutions meeting specifications

qmt designs, develops, delivers and maintains tailor-made solutions that meet the specifications of its customers

Tailor-made solutions
Some products
Standard or customer products

qmt offers a range of products that can be personalized (qmtf4u) as well as the industrialization of tailor-made solutions to create customer products (qmtoem)

From Optics to Mechatronics Inspection
All the know-how for solutions mastered by qmt

The guarantee of a high-performance solution that meets specifications

Understanding of the need and technical coordination for a complete and turnkey solution

Software development with acquisition, processing and ordering

Design, assembly and development of mechanical systems

Design of analog and digital electronics

Calculation, definition and realization of optical systems


Mastery of the acquisition of vibratory signals, their processing and analysis

Data Science

Mastery of data backup and their analyzes to learn, control and anticipate

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qmt Creations
Five product lines

Acquisition and processing of signals with software, hardware, acquisition hardware and sensors

Autonomous, they are dedicated to measurement for control by sampling in production and for the laboratory

Completely automatic from the feeding of the parts to the control: any non-compliant part is thus ejected and therefore the quality control is 100% guaranteed

Embedded and distributed systems

They operate autonomously with acquisition, processing and control to supervise and automate

Test benches

physical systems allowing to put a product in configurable and controlled conditions of use in order to observe and measure its behavior

qmt at the service of its customers with 34 years of success

In 1991, qmt developed Multimicro, a motorized image analyzer with automatic microhardness measurement

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