The electrical engineering industry

Rapid characterization and control in production
Systems reinvented by electronics and software
Rapid characterization and control in production

We carry out R&D and V&V benches, typically characterization and endurance benches, on electrotechnical assemblies such as motors, actuators, drives, circuit breakers, pumps or bearings, for example, as well as on electronic cards.

At the other end of the chain, qmt works on production control systems, typically functional testers fully integrated into the chain. The ability to keep pace, repeatability, and ensure traceability is then the key to success.

The strengths of a collaboration with qmt
  • The ISO 9001 certified management system
  • Project management
  • An organization to guarantee maintenance and sustainability
Project management and technologies
extensive technical and organizational know-how

Mastery of multiple disciplines such as micromechanics, electronics, optics, automation and software

Tailor-made solution
Solutions meeting specifications

qmt designs, develops and industrializes solutions that meet the specifications of its customers

Custom solutions
From the qmt standard
Products for testing and quality control

A range of high-performance products developed by our team. The Fit For You program allows for personalization

From SMEs to multinationals in various industries
Over 100 customers have trusted qmt
project management and technical know-how
ISO-certified project management to guarantee success

In order to guarantee the success of projects, our team of Project Managers is in charge of defining the specifications of the solutions as well as the smooth running of the projects. Continuous monitoring during development ensures time and budget

The advantages and strengths of qmt
  • Drafting of specifications in collaboration with the client
  • Knowledge of the specificities of industrial sectors
  • FAT and SAT validations to verify functionality
  • V or Agile process to adapt to projects
  • An ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified organization
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