The qmt infrastructure to carry out research and studies
Cutting-edge equipment
The infrastructure for qmt research and customer studies
A special focus on optics, acoustics and data science

To meet the needs of its customers in automated quality control and testing, qmt's experts are sometimes led to carry out feasibility studies. Indeed, qmt offers its expertise only if the technical team considers sufficient the maturity of the technology and the know-how necessary to meet the need. qmt refers to the ISO 16290 standard to define this level of maturity (TRL: technology readiness level). If the level is not sufficient (less than 6 out of 9), the qmt Techlab is used by our experts to carry out feasibility studies necessary for the maturation of the know-how.

Our Techlab is equipped to meet the needs of both mature technologies and new technologies

The means available
  • Traditional machine vision equipment with a wide range of optics, lighting, cameras and an optical bench with associated optical assemblies
  • Motorized bench equipped with confocal chromatic technology
  • Qmtmultisens equipment allowing the combined acquisition of optical and acoustic signals
  • IT systems with analysis software

qmt at the service of its customers with 34 years of success

In 1991, qmt developed Multimicro, a motorized image analyzer with automatic microhardness measurement

Our history
Inspection of transparent parts, thickness measurements or 3D characterization
Motorized bench with confocal chromatic measurement technology
Technology and its applications

Chromatic Confocal Technology for optical distance and thickness measurement has been adopted as a proven method in industry and research. It is a parafit complement to traditional optics for in-plane measurement.

Description of the chosen technology

We have equipped our Techlab with a CVC type sensor (CHRomatic Vision Camera). The CHRocodile CVC line camera uses chromatic optics for 2D imaging. The chromatic confocal technology allows both a depth of field significantly greater than that of standard cameras and an extraordinarily high lateral resolution. Requiring no focusing, this camera saves valuable time during quality inspections. Providing high contrast on all types of materials, the CHRocodile HVAC is ideal for on-line or off-line applications, such as cosmetic inspection and positioning detection.

Providing high contrast on all types of materials, the CHRocodile HVAC is ideal for on-line or off-line applications, such as cosmetic inspection and positioning detection.

The specifications of the bench
  • Linear motor axes with precision ball guides, self-lubricating with large distance between guide rails for high moments of force
  • Magnetic measuring system; resolution 1μm, precision +/- 8μm and reference marks for absolute position
  • Stroke 320mm, Fn 60N, Fp 180N in X and Y, and 160mm in Z
  • Robot guidance

Metrological specifications
  • 3000μm depth of field, 5.88mm scan line length
  • Lateral resolution of 2.9μm; a maximum pixel count of 2048
  • Possibility of adding 3D measurement on the same lens
Our experts from the multi-inspection team

Fabrice Seyve and Claude Détée are ready to meet your needs in the inspection of transparent parts, in thickness measurements or in 3D characterization. Your parts will undergo our usual feasibility studies in our TechLab in Plan-les-Ouates or Barraux

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