High precision and compact equipment
High precision and compact equipment

The qmtprojector-100 is a control device accessible to all and intended particularly for production control in the microtechnology and watchmaking sector. It allows high-precision measurement of the dimensional characteristics of static parts in the open field.

Quick and easy to use, the part is simply placed to measure it reliably and precisely. With a robust design and equipped with an integrated computer, it benefits from the qmtmesure-pro software. which offers business applications without programming.

With the qmtvline , it measures turned parts without adjustment and straightening. The measurement is therefore very fast and precise. Custom functions can be developed under the qmtf4u customization program.

The strengths of the qmtprojector-100
  • Versatility: flat parts without laying, turned parts with the qmtvline , beats with the qmtwheeltest-vision technology
  • High precision: qmtjust to guarantee metrological performance
  • Great ease of use even for complex measurements
  • No alignment: reliable and very fast measurement of turned parts with the qmtvline fixture
  • qmtsixsigma option for APC (Automated Process Control)
qmt customization programs
Fit For You (qmtF4U)
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some products

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Solution according to specifications


Custom product
industrialized by qmt

Measurement of turned parts
All the characteristics measured in a few seconds
A control program is created to define the different dimensions to be controlled (diameters, lengths, angles, gauge plan, etc.).
Lay the part down and within seconds all features will be measured.
The use of the qmtvline installation allows the realization of the control without any adjustment, even during a change of article.
qmtvline installation

SIMODEC Innovation Trophy for the qmtprojector-100

In the Measurement and Control category, the SIMODEC innovation trophy was awarded to the qmt company for the presentation of its qmtprojector-100 product with the qmtvline fitting
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Beat measurement
The qmtwheeltest-vision technology available on the qmtprojector-100
The qmtwheeltest-vision software can be installed on the qmtprojector-100 to perform beat and split measurements. Specific tools make it easy to use wheeltest fixtures to rotate the part to be checked
Board measurement
A software function for measuring boards
Automatic measurement of watch boards. All the characteristics (diameters, concentricity, runout, ...) are automatically measured on all types of boards with the possibility of automatically superimposing the control dxf
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Measuring threads
A software function for measuring threads
A specific measurement function has been developed to allow all measurements to be carried out without any programming. After removing the part, the measurements are automatically carried out, they are precise to the micron and repeatable as specified in the NIHS standard
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Patented installation qmtvline
For measuring turned parts without any adjustments
To no longer position the piece on two blades, it is placed between two flat transparent supports which create a certain angle between them. The part can thus naturally “tilt” thanks to gravity. The optical path of the light emitted by the source is modified so that the image seen by the camera is no longer from above but from the side, thus the dimensions measured correspond to reality.
It is thus no longer necessary to precisely position the part along its axis of rotation and therefore no more planing operation.

A full-field optical inspection device

qmtprojector-100 technologies

The qmtprojector-100 is a device developed by qmt to meet the specific needs of measurements in the microtechnical fields and in particular watchmaking.

Full field measurement

The qmtprojector-100 has an optical system that acquires the image of the entire field of view at very high resolution and in one image capture. The image of the part is therefore visible and constantly refreshed, at the same time all the measurements are taken and displayed.

A fully integrated device

The qmtprojector-100 has small dimensions (560 x 210 x 350mm) and is fully integrated including the computer system. Just plug the qmtprojector-100 into electricity to use it.

With the telecentric lens, the very high resolution camera and the qmtjust calibration

The control program is carried out using a simple interface with standard sequences

For the measurement, without programming, of complex parts such as boards, anchors, screws, ...

For simple, fast and high-precision measurement without adjustment or alignment

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QMTProjector-100 Specifications
Compact, integrated and precise
Functions Field 8.5 x 7.1 Field 16.0 x 13.4 Field 28.5 x 23.6
Accuracy [μm] 0.7 1.4 2.3
Qmtvline installation Optional installation with tools and software functions (BQ009AA003)
Maximum workpiece size of 7.5x5mm
Lighting Telecentric Diascopic
Measurement software qmtmesure-pro
qmtcalquecontrol (DXF) Overlay with automatic positioning
Advanced metrological functions Planks, screws, taps, turned parts, ...
Complete list available under optional functions table
qmtsxisigma Qmtf4u customization
Computer science Integrated into the equipment with 23 "touch screen
Focus (z axis) Manual
Dimensions (H x W x D) [mm] 560 x 210 x 350
Item codes AQ009AA001 AQ009AA002 AQ009AA003
QMTMeasure software functions
All solutions are based on unique software functions

For optical control

To increase production yields
and the quality of the parts

For aesthetic control

For acoustic and vibration control

Dimensional control with the QMTProjector

QMTProjector devices are easy to use and efficient

Control devices
Measurement and control at the edge of lines and in laboratories
qmt Creations
Five product lines

Acquisition and processing of signals with software, hardware, acquisition hardware and sensors

Autonomous, they are dedicated to measurement for control by sampling in production and for the laboratory

Completely automatic from the feeding of the parts to the control: any non-compliant part is thus ejected and therefore the quality control is 100% guaranteed

Embedded and distributed systems

They operate autonomously with acquisition, processing and control to supervise and automate

Test benches

physical systems allowing to put a product in configurable and controlled conditions of use in order to observe and measure its behavior