Mechanical design

Essential competence in mechatronic systems
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An essential component of a mechatronic system
All the skills essential to the realization of mechatronic systems are gathered within qmt, including mastery of mechanical designs

The qmt mechanical team is expert in the realization of the mechanisms used in our quality control and testing systems. It carries out tailor-made projects (m4u program) according to our clients' specifications and develops standard equipment. In this way, systems were born in our country that meet the requirements of mechanical integration and micromanipulation, integrated into production lines, in fields as diverse as the production of watchmaking and automotive components, and medical devices.

Experience combined with skills

The qmt mechanical design team
Vahid Fakhfouri, Ph.D.
Guillaume Granelli
Sr. Developer in Electrical Engineering
Gilles Keller
Dev. Sr. of Mechatronic Systems
Nicolas rebeaud
Dev. Sr of Mechatronic Systems
Mechanics to control the "submicrometer"
Stability and handling on a sub-micron scale

Our mechanical design team develops complex solutions and works in partnership to meet the demanding requirements of mechanical performance measurement and testing systems.

Expertise adapted to our applications

Quality control and testing applications often require advanced mechanisms to ensure reliable measurements. Our mechanical experts have this sensitivity and the necessary experience to define mechanical performance requirements, design static and dynamic mechanisms, choose and validate the appropriate mechanical components and realize, internally or in partnership, our mechatronic systems.

Adequate mechanical resources and expertise

Whether it is the micromechanical design or the assembly of our complex machines, our engineers meet the requirements and specifications of our customers. Our mechanical expertise is linked to the control, testing and micromanipulation of the devices to be controlled (Device Under Test, DUT). In line with our strategy to provide S ystems M écatroniques to I nspections Pow er (M 2 IS), our experts also develop mechanisms automating certain production operations. This makes it possible to improve the reproducibility of the measurements and to reduce the cost of the control.

Knowledge of the specificities of industrial sectors

We are active in multiple industries , but have particular experience in our seven strategic industries which are watchmaking, aeronautics & defense, medical, automotive, railway, electrical engineering and energy. Our reference list is a testament to our success.

Mechanical workshop and 3D printing

Even if the machining of our mechanisms is done by our partners and suppliers, our workshop in Plan-les-Ouates is equipped to perform simple operations to finalize the assembly and carry out alterations. Since 2020, our two sites in Plan-les-Ouates and Barraux have also been equipped with 3D printers which allow us to speed up the realization of ideas in order to test them or even quickly manufacture a missing mechanical part.

Complete mastery of mechanical systems

Our experts deal with the entire mechanical development cycle, from the specification according to the control needs, the choice of suitable components to the interfacing with the industrial environment, including the design, assembly and adjustment of mechanisms.

  • Measurement and test stands and enclosures
  • Dynamic manipulation of sensors and DUTs
  • Micro-mechanical manipulators, for example to arm, lubricate, the DUT
  • Electromagnetic and acoustic insulation
  • Optical isolation
The choice of material

The qmt experts select the appropriate equipment for the success of the project with particular attention to all the mechanical components determining the quality of the measurements carried out. We are also developing our own innovative systems, such as the qmtvline fitting , to fill in the gaps in the market.

The tools

Qmt experts use the computer aided design, CAD, CREO tool from PTC. For 3D printing, Ultimaker-Cura software is used.

qmt offers a project realization process adapted to the medical industry

With specific experience in the field and ISO 13485 certification

The medical industry is one of qmt's strategic sectors
Medical sector
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qmt is active in all industries but with particular experience in watchmaking, automotive, medical and rail


qmt is a key player in the watch industry


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In 1991, qmt developed Multimicro, a motorized image analyzer with automatic microhardness measurement

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