Systems architecture

An essential skill for the development of multi-business solutions
Cultural competence
A multidisciplinary understanding of measurement and testing
To offer an automatic and efficient control or test system, a qmt mechatronic systems architect first understands the customer's need and reformulates it with him, to then technically orchestrate our experts around a complete and turnkey solution.

Qmt Architects are experts in understanding testing and quality control and have a good grasp of our multidisciplinary technical skills. Together with the Business Manager, they are our prime contractors and the client's contacts, within the framework of tailor-made projects (m4u program) and also to develop our standard equipment.

Experience combined with skills

The qmt systems architecture team
Emmanuel Boivin
Software architect
Philippe Deglon
Electronics expert
Patrice Deroux
Software Architect
Claude Detée
Machine Vision Expert
Fabrice Seyve
Multi-Inspection Architect
Aurelien Henry
Software Architect
Christophe Estrade
Software Architect
Mathilde Vincent
Software Architect
System Architecture
Mechatronics for added value measurements
Orchestrate engineering trades in the service of testing and quality control

Our System Architects design mechatronic systems by defining multi-business functions that meet customer requirements. They have the support of experts in each technical profession to offer the best solutions and have proven experience in quality control, testing and mechatronic design, to fully understand the customer's needs and the constraints of the experts.

Multi-business expertise

Quality control and test applications often require mechatronic solutions combining mechanical, electrotechnical, electronic, optical, acoustic and multi-physical elements and software. Our mechatronic systems architects have a very good understanding of the different trades involved and master some of them. In addition, they have years of experience in quality control and testing. These experiences allow them to understand the customer's need, to reformulate it, to define the system with the team and to understand its constraints. They guarantee the performance of our turnkey solutions.

Mechatronic Architecture Methods and Tools

Each Qmt Architect brings his own touch and personal experience to provide the best solution. However, mastery of certain methods and tools is necessary to perpetuate the know-how. The Design Document (DC) is our common thread throughout the process of developing and monitoring the life cycle of our products. It traces the Client's Requirements and its acceptance criteria and our responses and constraints to these requirements. The team, technically led by the Architect, draws its Functional Analysis and its functional diagrams with different levels of abstraction necessary for understanding the system and the functions performed. The functions and technical choices are also plotted in the DC.

Example of a functional diagram by qmt

AMDEC and FMEA analyzes

Other tools, some of which are made available to our customers, complete our portfolio of architectures. Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) is an example of powerful tools that help us better design our systems.

An iteration of AMDEC (FMEA: Failure mode and effects analysis)

qmt offers a project realization process adapted to the medical industry

With specific experience in the field and ISO 13485 certification

The medical industry is one of qmt's strategic sectors
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In 1991, she applied LabVIEW for the development of her own installations and developed Multimicro, a motorized image analyzer with automatic microhardness measurement.

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