IoT test benches

To guarantee 100% quality of communicating objects
High test performance especially in communication protocols
Scalable solutions with a test sequencer based on NI technologies

Building on its successes in the field with local players in home automation, qmt is developing its activity of test benches for communicating objects.

Mastering multiple inspections, qmt is able to position itself on a very varied panel of applications.

The IoT market

The number of IoTs is growing exponentially in all fields of activity. Manufacturers, whether in R&D or in production, must guarantee flawless functionality at a lower cost.

Finally, 2021 is the year when connected machines enter the massification of industrial uses. While connected machines have been around for a long time, Forrester said that until recently many users were reluctant to use these connected devices to their full potential. Once again, the Covid-19 has prompted change. “Customers who required regular visits from their supplier engineers now enjoy the convenience of machines that can call in for help, hire remote experts to schedule repairs without extended downtime or expensive trips ”

Types of IoT

It is an electronic device that can communicate with a smartphone, a touch pad, a watch, a computer or a television. Communicate means that it can send and receive information, through a wireless link, Bluetooth or Wifi

  • So-called complex objects, endowed with significant computing and processing intelligence
  • Simple objects capable of performing one or two physical measurements or even executing an order, we then speak of an actuator


Communication protocols

RFID, Wifi, LAN, LPWAN (Zigbee, bluetooth, LoRa, Sigfox, Qowisio), cellular networks (3G / 4G / 5G), multi-protocol combination (ex LPWAN + RFID)

  • Sport: thanks to activity trackers, you can count the kilometers run or walked and synchronize these results on your smartphone or tablet. Some devices equipped with a GPS are more particularly dedicated to running enthusiasts. There are also sensors for golf or tennis, intended to measure, analyze and improve your performance.
  • Leisure: with connected watches, you receive your emails and SMS, access your music or your photos and videos, calculate a route, etc. Let us not forget connected televisions which provide access to multimedia content, leisure or practical applications, information on the programs watched, ...
  • Home automation and security: for example, security cameras, which allow you to control your home from a distance and alert you in the event of an intrusion, roller shutters, various remote controls
  • Energy savings: connected objects allow you to know, adjust and optimize your energy consumption. For example, a connected thermostat allows you to remotely adjust the room temperature, to optimize the heating according to the time of day and your presence time, ...