Power supply module for qmtpwr-100 test benches

Easily integrated into most test benches without adaptation
Power and safety module
A component for qmt test benches

The qmtpwr-100 is a 19 "rack form factor module for qmtbench + benches. The stand-alone module design provides all installed components with the necessary AC and DC power supplies as well as power management and control. bench security.

The strengths of the qmtpwr-100

  • Standard 19 "rack format: can be easily integrated into most test benches without adaptation
  • Insulation and protection: a general disconnector and thermal protection by voltage output are integrated into the module
  • “Emergency stop” safety: a dedicated module provides “AU” type protection for the entire bench and offers NC type chaining


Modularity and customization

The design of the qmtpwr-100 makes it possible to protect and isolate all the active elements of the test bench by offering independent resettable thermal protections for each polarity created. Its modular design allows customization with the implementation of different power supplies to meet the needs


Control lights are installed on the front panel and allow to know at a glance the electrical state of the whole bench, to switch it on or to stop it quickly



The safety function is provided by a dedicated component which offers the possibility of chaining different “emergency stop” type points that can be found on different parts of the test tool.


A monitoring module, available as an option, displays and communicates via MODBUS® RTU information on voltage, current and power consumed in real time by the entire test bench.

Test bench for PROFALUX
ZigBee communicating cards tests
In order to guarantee optimal quality of its products to its customers, Profalux trusted qmt for the production of end-of-production test benches for controlled roller shutter motor boards using the ZigBee communication protocol.
With a 100% qmt design, the test bench reproduces the hardware environment of a control motor card with an antenna, a motor and the connectors. The assembly is encapsulated in a Faraday cage in order to electromagnetically isolate the product under test from its environment.
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QMTPWR-100 Specifications
Power and safety module
Functions qmtpwr-100 qmtpwr-100-f4y
Primary power 230v AC — 50 / 60Hz According to specifications
Maximum current consumed 16A According to specifications
DC power supply 24VDC 5A protected by resettable electronic circuit breaker According to specifications
Protection of exit routes Manually reset thermal magnetic circuit breakers According to specifications
Security "Emergency stop" type management chainable on terminal block According to specifications
Display Current, voltage, p. active and reactive (MODBUS® RTU optional) According to specifications
Dimensions 178 (4U) x 483 x 450 (465 with wiring) - 10Kg approximately According to specifications
Item code AQ006AA001-01