Equipment for measuring the depth of penetration of the anchor into the escape wheel
Compact and integrated with measuring speed and accuracy
Equipment for measuring the depth of penetration of the anchor into the escape wheel

The qmtachevage-100 is a latest generation optical equipment specifically dedicated to measuring the geometric characteristics of the exhaust linked to completion. It allows the measurement of penetration depths and out-of-roundness.

A pneumatic actuation system allows measurement of movements without an oscillator. It is completely integrated and compact, optionally the computer hardware can also be integrated.

The optical system of the qmtachevage-100 allows the simultaneous measurement of both anchor vanes at high precision and high speed. It is thus possible to carry out measurements statically (movement without oscillator with pneumatic actuation) and dynamically (functional movement with oscillator).

The qmtachevage software was specifically developed for this equipment, it is very easy to use both for carrying out measurements and for creating measurement programs.

The strong points of the qmtachevage-100
  • Cycle time less than 15 seconds with simultaneous measurement of both paddles
  • Measurement precision and capability with a high-resolution telecentric optical system and control of pneumatic actuation
  • Integrated and compact equipment
  • Connectivity capability for transferring data to other systems
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qmt offers the production of tools with the integration of pneumatic actuation nozzles. The quality of the tooling makes it possible to guarantee the position of the movement and the reproducibility of the pneumatic actuation for optimal metrological performance.

Exhaust measurement

The technologies of qmtachevage-100

The qmtachevage-100 is a device for measuring the depth of penetration of the anchor into the escape wheel of movements.

Measurement of movements with or without oscillator

The qmtachevage-100 offers two measurement modes. The static mode with actuation of the anchor by a pneumatic system (movement without oscillator), the dynamic mode with a measurement carried out by high speed acquisition with automatic detection of images showing total engagement.

A compact and integrated device

The qmtachevage-100 is completely integrated with a small size (560 x 210 x 350). It is only necessary to power the equipment (electricity and compressed air) for it to be functional.

High measurement accuracy

An 8MPix camera (2,800 x 2,800 pixels) and telecentric optics with a 5.4 x 5.4mm field of view

Measurement of both lifts simultaneously

The optical system allows the measurement of the input and output vanes simultaneously for measurement on a single revolution of the escape wheel and a cycle time < 15 seconds

Connectivity and data enhancement

Customization for advanced management such as automatic sending of results to databases

Flexibility in the choice of computer hardware

The customer can choose the computer hardware to best take into account his needs and standards, either hardware integrated by qmt or his own hardware.

Specifications of the qmtachevage-100
Compact and integrated with measuring speed and accuracy
Basic functions and performance Options
Measurements available
  • Penetration depth (total engagement) for all teeth and both paddles
  • Out of round based on measurement of all teeth
  • Option 2nd optical system from below: Dart ebat Corner ebat
  • DXF overlay option with automatic positioning for visual assessment
Accuracy [μm] 1 Multi-turn measurement function to improve measurement accuracy and take into account the masking of pallets by moving components
Characteristics of measurable calibers All calibers with both paddles in a 5.2 x 5.2 mm surface area having openings to view the paddles and a maximum frequency of 5Hz (dynamic mode)
Measuring modes
  • Dynamic mode for full movements with mounted oscillator
  • Static/actuated mode for movements without oscillators
News Pneumatics with controlled pressure regulation according to item settings Advanced management of actuation pressures linked to articles
Time for a measurement in pneumatically actuated mode [s] 15 seconds for a measurement on one revolution of the inlet and outlet pallets (simultaneous measurement of both pallets
Tools Tooling integrating actuation nozzles with position guarantee Tooling production program by qmt

Specific qmtachevage software

  • 3 access levels
  • multi-language
  • Windows 10 64-bit
  • 2 measurement interfaces: standard and advanced
  • The management of measurement definition data and results are completely customizable (field, links with external data, etc.)
  • Subscription to software updates
Creation and management of measurement programs
  • Creation through an intuitive interface that allows adjustment
  • A program can be used by several caliber references
  • Backing up files locally
Centralized management of programs on a server for use by multiple devices
Verification and calibration To define Calibration and preventive maintenance carried out by qmt
Computer science Customer-delivered IT
  • 24" touch screen integrated into the equipment
  • PC integrated into the equipment
Dimensions (H x W x D) [mm] 560 x 210 x 350
Item codes AQ021AA001
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