Device for reading numbers on watch components (movement and exterior)
Reading rate greater than 95% thanks to artificial intelligence
Device for reading numbers on watch components (movement and exterior)

The qmtocr-200 is an optical device for reading numbers on watch components.

The reading software integrates the DigiOcr algorithm specially developed for watchmaking applications. It allows, thanks to the use of Deep Learning, a much higher reading rate than traditional technologies even in difficult reading conditions.

The device is compact and ergonomic to fit ideally into a watchmaking workshop.

The strong points of the qmtocr-200
  • Reading rate over 95%
  • Measuring time less than 1.5 seconds
  • Qmtrelief lighting to guarantee reading even on decorated surfaces
  • Compact and ergonomic equipment
  • Connectivity capability for transferring data to other systems
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OCR reading by Deep Learning
Artificial intelligence for high reading rate in all conditions
The algorithm can locate numbers and letters much more robustly, regardless of their orientation, font type and polarity. The ability to automatically group characters allows the identification of entire words. This significantly improves recognition performance and avoids misinterpretation of characters with similar appearances
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Partnership with Digiinov
Combination of know-how
The qmtocr-200 product integrates Digiinov software technologies as well as the DigiOcr reading module. qmt can thus offer a product with a very high level of performance.
qmtrelief lighting
QMT technology to improve reading rate
Qmtrelief lighting allows the creation of an image without the color and structure information of the surface, only the relief is visible. It is thus possible to improve the readability of engraved numbers, particularly on a decorated surface.
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Reading numbers on watch components

The technologies of the qmtocr-200

The qmtocr-200 is a device for reading numbers on movement or casing components.

DigiOcr OCR reading module

The DigiOcr module integrated into the qmtocr software is specialized for watchmaking. This Deep Learning algorithm for reading characters is trained on several thousand fonts and is supplemented by specific processing to make it more robust and easier to use in an industrial environment. Retraining of the heart is possible for adaptation to particular cases

A compact and ergonomic device

The qmtocr-200 is small (400 x 250 x 250). Adjusting the focus is very simple with a binocular column.

High measurement accuracy

A 12.3MPix camera (4,096 x 3,000 pixels) and high-resolution optics for a field of view of 54 x 40mm

Reading rate above 95%

More than 2,000 fonts, throughout the image, without the need for orientation, on all types of surfaces

Connectivity and data enhancement

Customization for advanced management such as automatic sending of results to databases

qmtrelief lighting

The optional qmtrelief lighting improves the reading rate, particularly for decorated rooms.

“More than 100 systems are produced each year for a large number of customers”
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Qmtocr Specifications
Reading rate and speed
qmtocr-100 qmtocr-200
Reading numbers
  • Reading module by Deep Learning (Artificial Intelligence) DigiOcr
  • Automatic search for numbers throughout the entire image (54 x 40mm) and without the need to orient the part
  • No need for a reading by reference program
  • Recognition of 2000 fonts and prints
Compatible products
  • All types of components with maximum size: 50 x 80 x 80mm (H x W x D)
  • All types of surfaces (reflective, decorated, etc.)
Reading rate >90% >98% with optional qmtrelief lighting
Time for reading <1.5 seconds (without handling the product) <2 seconds (without handling the product)
Field of view and resolution
  • 54 x 40mm
  • Resolution of 4,000 x 3,096 pixels (pixel size 13.5µm

Specific qmtocr software

  • 2 access levels
  • multi-language
  • Windows 10 64-bit

Options available:

  • The management of measurement definition data and results are completely customizable (field, links with external data, etc.)
  • Subscription to software updates
Creation and management of measurement programs
  • Creation through an intuitive interface
  • Ability to define reading patterns for more robust reading
  • Deep Learning Core Training Interface
  • Ability to create reading cycles with changing lighting or processing

Options available:

  • Centralized management of programs on a server for use by multiple devices
Computer science

External to the device, minimum configuration

  • Minimum i5 or equivalent processor (i7 or equivalent recommended)
  • 16Gb RAM (32Gb recommended)
  • Graphics card with 6 GB of dedicated memory (12-16 GB recommended on Nvidia hardware for optimal playback time)
Dimensions (H x W x D) [mm] 400x250x250
Item codes AQ023AA001 AQ023AA002
QMTMesure software functions
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To increase production yields
and the quality of the parts

For aesthetic control

For acoustic and vibration control

Control devices
Measurement and control at the edge of lines and in laboratories
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Five product lines

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Autonomous, they are dedicated to measurement for control by sampling in production and for the laboratory

Completely automatic from the feeding of the parts to the control: any non-compliant part is thus ejected and therefore the quality control is 100% guaranteed

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They operate autonomously with acquisition, processing and control to supervise and automate

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