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Solutions for testing and quality control
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qmt is a leader, in Switzerland and in France, in solutions for testing and quality control in the watchmaking, aeronautics & defense, rail, automotive, medical, electrical engineering and energy sectors. Swiss and French companies founded in 1989 with 46 employees, qmt has organized its development processes to guarantee the success of the projects carried out, this organization is ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified

Hundreds of test and quality control systems have been developed, installed and maintained all over the world for renowned customers in watchmaking, aeronautics & defense, rail, automotive, medical, electrical engineering and energy.

At the heart of qmt , a dynamic and multidisciplinary team, driven by technology and creativity, it is united around strong corporate values. Testing and quality control are qmt 's jobs , industry is the passion of its employees, precision is its distinction.

Multi-inspection quality control

The systems carried out by qmt control the quality of the manufactured products in order to guarantee that the totality of the manufactured products is in conformity to guarantee the safety and the satisfaction of the users. In addition, qmt has introduced the Mecatronic Multiple Inspection Systems ™ in order to push back the limits of measurement by combining multi-signal control and inspection (for example optical or acoustic) with other operations. Manufacturing.

Measurement and testing

qmt carries out measurement and testing systems covering the entire life cycle of our customers' products, from R&D to production and qualification. These are typically test benches that put a product in configurable and controlled conditions of use in order to observe and measure its behavior. Depending on the product life cycle, several names can be adopted: characterization bench, test bench, endurance bench, validation bench.

Services and innovations for 30 years

In the age of the factory of the future and the connected industry, test and quality control systems are playing an increasingly important role in the industrial ecosystem. With the objective of quality and operational excellence, this equipment dedicated to the identification of faults induces cost reductions and greatly reduces drudgery. When the projects are managed by qmt , when the projects are intense , we bring appeasement. When the challenges are high, we offer a creative, original and effective solution.

qmt innovates in order to advance its solutions, this innovation has been rewarded several times during the 30 years of history . Through vision, hearing, innovative solutions integrating artificial intelligence, qmt limits the number of imperfections in manufactured products.

Born from the integration of Qualimatest and SAPHIR

qmt was born on January 1, 2020 by the integration of Qualimatest and SAPHIR. The two structures were united in a single organization under a single name and management while retaining the two sites and historical activities.

An organization certified ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 (Switzerland)

qmt certified its Swiss organization according to ISO 9001 in 2011 ( certificate ). In addition, for projects in the medical industry, qmt has been ISO 13485 certified since 2014 ( certificate ).

qmt in a few figures

qmt is:

  • 2 locations in Plan-les-Ouates (Geneva- Switzerland) and Barraux (Isère - France)
  • 46 employees
  • An infrastructure of 1'270m ^ 2 (720m ^ 2 in Switzerland and 550m ^ 2 in France) with offices, R&D and production
  • € 9 Million turnover
A modern and efficient infrastructure

The premises are in Plan-les-Ouates with an area of 720m ^ 2 and in Barraux with an area of 550m ^ 2. This surface is divided into offices

on the development, assembly and production surface

in research area

and in customer area

qmt at the service of its customers with 30 years of success

In 1991, she applied LabVIEW for the development of her own installations and developed Multimicro, a motorized image analyzer with automatic microhardness measurement.

Our history

A technical team made up of 29 experts on two sites

Technical expertise and service at the heart of our achievements
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