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The performance, time and budget of the delivered system are guaranteed
qmt is the prime contractor
Commitment to results
Our clients secure their investments with qmt

qmt is a leader, in Switzerland and in France, in solutions for testing and quality control covering the entire life cycle of our customers' products: from R&D to production and qualification.

qmt is a solution provider, we are committed to results. To meet the needs of our customers, qmt offers 6 ranges of products which are implemented with 4 delivery programs

  • A standard product in our range if it meets the needs
  • The customization of an existing product in the qmt range, the qmtf4u (Fit For You) program allows an adaptation of the equipment and / or the software so that the solution thus produced meets all the needs.
  • The development of a tailor-made system within the framework of the qmtm4u (Made For You) program
  • The creation of a product reserved for a customer with the qmtoem program. This product is developed, industrialized and deployed by qmt according to the conditions defined by the customer
Fit For You (F4U)
some products

some products

F4U program
Solution on

Solution according to notebook

M4U program
OEM program

Custom product
industrialized by QMT

OEM program
Project management
A multi-disciplinary project team coordinated by a Project Manager
All aspects of the project are mastered by qmt

The qmt organization is very “customer satisfaction” oriented. A project team is appointed at the start of development, it works in accordance with the project process which guarantees the achievement of the client's objectives in terms of planning, quality, costs and performance. Follow-up meetings punctuate the entire project, from launch to validation of the system at the customer. In this way, systems were born in our country that meet "sharp" dimensional control requirements, integrated into production lines, in fields as eclectic as the production of watch components, stainless steel tubes or consumer products.

All stages of the project are mastered by qmt

Our services can cover the successive stages of a project, from the preparation of the specifications, to the delivery and maintenance of the installation.

A project team
  • A Project Manager (PR) who will be the client's privileged contact throughout the duration of the project, he is in charge of the organization and administration of the project.
  • A Technical Project Manager (RTP) who will be the guarantor of the technical solution that will meet the specifications and supervision of the technical team.
  • A salesperson who will be in charge of commercial relations.
  • A validations manager.
  • A technical team with the necessary know-how for the project

Qmt offers are based on customer specifications. qmt completes the specifications with a "Response to Needs (RB)". This document commits qmt to achieve the proposed performances within the defined limits.

Knowledge of the specificities of industrial sectors

We are active in all types of industries , but have particular experience in the medical, watchmaking, railway, aeronautics & defense, electrical engineering and automotive industries as well as in special machines. Our reference list is a testament to our success.

Feasibility of a project

Some projects require an initial phase of theoretical or experimental study in order to validate the feasibility. Our team has a laboratory equipped to dispel technical doubts on an experimental basis. In addition, the team includes scientists who can deal theoretically with the problems posed.

An efficient and collaborative information system

qmt has an information system for project management (planning, cost management, etc.) to effectively manage projects. The collaborative system qmtlink structures all the tasks and the documentation, this system can be opened to customers to guarantee the effectiveness of the communication, the traceability and the transparency,

V or Agile process to adapt to projects

The basic project process is structured in a “V”, it is suitable for projects with specifications defined at the start of the project. We offer an alternative with an Agile process (Scrum) for projects with objectives and priorities which may change during implementation. In both cases, in order to guarantee the success of the projects, a Project Manager is in charge of the smooth running of the projects. Continuous monitoring ensures the deadline and budget.


The purpose of the internal and customer kick-off sessions is to put all stakeholders in tune as soon as the order is received. The project is planned in the internal project management system; and development tasks are followed at least once a week. This phase begins with the initial design review ("we say what we are going to do") and ends with the internal validation ("we did what we said"); after the system has been tested by the development team.

FAT and SAT validations to verify functionality:

A specific organization is implemented throughout the project to carry out validations. It includes the drafting of protocols, internal validation, validation by the customer in the qmt premises (FAT) and to complete the validation on the customer site (FAT). We master statistical tools for both metrological and attribute validations (R&R capabilities).

Specificities of projects carried out according to ISO 13485 requirements (option):

The requirements of ISO 13485 apply to companies designing control systems for use in medical devices. All along the value chain, qmt products are designed, developed and manufactured with the aim of being safer and more efficient. Particular rigor is applied to traceability and risk analysis for the medical sector. The risk analysis is integrated into the risk management file of the product object.

qmt offers a project realization process adapted to the medical industry

With specific experience in the field and ISO 13485 certification

The medical industry is one of qmt's strategic sectors
Medical sector