Automobile industry

Precise measurements at very high speed
Automobile industry
Automated quality control for bar turning to guarantee zero defects.
Innovative solutions for large production volumes.

The project management of the projects carried out by qmt guarantees the deadlines and budget of realizations in order to guarantee our customers the profitability of the projects.

qmt solutions lower the costs of its customers:

The characteristics of the automotive industry are the large production volumes, the very high level of quality required and the constant search for lower production costs. The contactless control present in Qualimatest products and services are adapted to the achievement of these objectives, as numerous achievements demonstrate. It is thus possible to meet the specific needs of this industry by delivering standard equipment specifically developed for this industry or by a tailor-made solution.

The strengths of a collaboration with qmt
  • Project management
  • The ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified management system
  • QMTSixSigma for lower adjustment and non-quality costs
  • An organization to guarantee maintenance and sustainability
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