At the heart of watchmaking for 30 years

Very high precision measurements of very small parts
Watch Industry
3 decades of experience serving the watch industry
Today, qmt continues to innovate by producing equipment for a large number of watchmaking customers

qmt has developed extensive experience in the watchmaking world and its particularities. We therefore respond to the specific needs of this industry by delivering standard products or tailor-made solutions.

The strengths of a collaboration with qmt
  • Very good knowledge of watchmaking specificities
  • Aesthetic control with qmtsubface
  • The ability to measure parts with the precision required by watchmaking
  • The proximity of our development team to customers
  • The possibility of personalizing products (qmtf4y) to meet the specificities of each customer
qmt customization programs
Fit For You (qmtF4U)
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some products

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Custom product
industrialized by qmt

qmt has extensive experience in the watch industry
Industrial specificities taken into account
Testing and quality control

qmt is the leader in Switzerland and France in solutions for testing and quality control covering the entire life cycle of our customers' products: from R&D to production through qualification. The solutions are produced by the qmt team in order to best meet customer needs. Through vision, through hearing, through automated solutions integrating artificial intelligence, qmt limits the number of imperfections in what will or can be manufactured


At the heart of qmt, a dynamic and multidisciplinary team, driven by technology and creativity, is united around strong corporate values. Testing and quality control are QMT's professions, industry is the passion of its employees, precision is its distinction.

Products dedicated to watchmaking

qmt has developed extensive experience in the watchmaking world and its particularities, it has enabled the creation of a specific product range, examples are the qmtprojector-100 for dimensional measurement, the qmtwheeltest-vision for beat measurement and the qmtprotime-200 for measuring steps

Innovation is in qmt’s DNA

Since the creation of qmt in 1989, several important innovations have been developed and some won awards. An example is the qmtvline setup which allows the measurement of turned micro components more quickly and more precisely because it does not require any adjustment.

In conclusion

We build a reliable partnership with our client to develop global solutions and support their success by improving quality and efficiency. Our agile approach is based on the mastery of our broad know-how, the search for excellence and innovation. We will never achieve perfection but we work towards it every day, precisely…

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