After sales services

All services for optimal use of qmt solutions
A dedicated team
All services to guarantee the proper functioning of qmt solutions

qmt offers all the services in order to maintain the delivered solutions in operational condition and address the hazards associated with the equipment in a very short time frame. A dedicated team within qmt is in charge of these activities

The different services offered
  • After-sales services and support requests
  • Maintenance contracts, preventive maintenance, equipment calibration and updating
  • Training
  • Consulting, feasibility studies

A technical and administrative team

Customer service as a priority
Fabien Layat
Andy Maiurano
Loïc Maret
You have a need for support, a question or a proposal for improvement. Log in to the qmtlink services portal to submit your request.
qmtlink Services Portal
Training to guarantee customer autonomy and efficient use of the systems delivered
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Maintenance contract
Services to guarantee the proper functioning of the delivered equipment
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Collaborative tools
The tools that allow the realization of an efficient and fast service
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