Maintenance in Operational Conditions (MCO)

All services to ensure minimum failure rate and maximum lifespan
A personalized service
Complete management by qmt of preventive and curative

qmt offers all the services to maintain the delivered solutions in operational condition and address the hazards associated with the equipment in a very short time.

A dedicated team within qmt is in charge of managing maintenance contracts and carrying out the various tasks

Within the framework of specific contracts, services are defined in order to meet the expectations of the client.

  • Technical support with custom deadlines
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Equipment life cycle management
A VUCA world
Controlling all the elements of variability from the external environment and reducing their impacts is a major challenge. In this context, maintaining equipment in operational condition by addressing any hazards makes it possible to minimize downtime and therefore optimize the productivity of our customers.
Collaborative tools

Collaborative tools are made available to guarantee optimal communication in order to reduce response times and optimize the feasibility of meeting needs. The basic tools are phone, email and Teams, they are complemented by more advanced tools that increase performance

Remote maintenance

qmt provides the TeamViewer tool to perform remote maintenance. qmt adapts to any tool requested by the customer

Secure server

qmt provides a secure server located in Switzerland to share data

Preventive maintenance

An annual intervention is carried out by qmt in order to carry out the following actions:

  • Backup and archiving of parameters at QMT
  • Creation of Image disk with backup at QMT
  • General check of operation
  • Calibration not certified (identical to the project)
  • Maintenance report

Software update

As part of a continuous subscription to a maintenance contract from the date of delivery, qmt offers at the customer's request an update of QMT software. In the event of incompatibility with the delivered components, qmt will guide the customer in the various possible solutions.

Archiving and sustainability management

To secure your system, qmt guarantees the archiving of all technical data:

  • Archiving of the technical file in a secure room.
  • Archiving of software code on a secure server and in a bank vault

To guarantee the durability of your system, qmt monitors the components integrated into the equipment delivered:

  • Information in the event of the end of life of a component
  • Alternative proposal in the event of announced end of life
Intervention of a technician for first level intervention

Assistance & support includes all services performed at QMT's premises to answer questions, help repair faults and set up the system. This is the first level of support corresponding to interventions limited in time.

All formal requests requiring actions followed over time (not achievable during the current day) and / or an intervention on site are excluded from assistance & support, they will therefore be invoiced in addition according to the rates defined under §3.

qmt offers a remote maintenance service, ie the possibility of remotely viewing the user interface of the software and taking control of it to solve any problems and to train operators. Remote maintenance is offered with the Teamviewer application if the system is connected to the internet (http).

Response time

qmt will implement all means to ensure the expected service. The response times are defined as follows.

  • qmt processes the request during the day, within the limits of the company's opening hours (Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. except on public holidays).
  • qmt intervenes within 48 or 72 hours depending on the type of contract.

Access to QMTLink software

For better responsiveness and performance, qmt offers individual, privileged and secure access to its online system (incidents, ideas for improvement, etc.). This platform is a direct link between users and qmt development teams. It allows our customers to be instantly informed of the status of tickets submitted.

Spare parts

The parts are covered during the warranty period subject to normal use and recommended by qmt.

qmt aims to store as many parts as possible on the main functions of its hardware platform. Nevertheless, given the very wide diversity, we cannot guarantee immediate availability.

qmt will make every effort via its network of partners to reduce the lead time.

A list of sensitive parts is transmitted on delivery of the systems (Value and supply time).

The supply of spare parts from the network of qmt partners will only be done after the customer has agreed on the pricing conditions and the supply times.

qmt is required to respect the lead time. In the event of a delay in supply, in principle, the customer has no right to compensation for damages caused by this delay.

Warranty extension

The legal warranty of 12 months is extended for an additional 12 months, making a total of 24 months after the date of delivery of the equipment.


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