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A complete retrofit of a multispindle endurance bench for the company SKF. The bench incorporates real-time technologies, it is intended for endurance testing of high precision screws

Stations for measuring the geometry and spatial position of the current sensor pins. A completely turnkey solution was delivered: mechanics, optics, software and interface with the automatic line from LEM

The VideoBalisometer is a state-of-the-art equipment intended mainly for watchmaking laboratories, so that they can make precise measurements on the regulating organ and analyze the influences of all types of exhaust.

qmt has developed and industrialized, as part of its OEM program, the QMTsort-Tip station for 100% quality control of medical pipettes. To guarantee the accuracy of this assay, the pipette tips must have a perfect geometry and surface finish

qmt has delivered a QMTCheck-M4U station for dimensional measurement and aesthetic control of auto parts. This station is integrated in the machining cell so that the measurements are used to regulate the manufacturing process

qmt has developed and industrialized, as part of its OEM program, the LPM TPM product for measuring the profile of the rails. The systems are installed in grinder trains which relies on the maintenance of railways around the world