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QMTSubFace is a component of QMTMesure that enables the realization of aesthetic quality control solutions for industrial products based on the company's human criteria for objective and repeatable measurement. QMTSubFace includes automatic control software functions as well as an implementation methodology. QMTSubFace can detect scratches, dents, stains on polished and decorated surfaces and classify them locally and globally in order to qualify the part as a whole.

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A component of QMTMesure software

QMTSubFace is a component of QMTMesure which can be supplemented with QMT Vision Inspector for vision measurement and QMTSound for acoustic and vibration control. QMTSixSigma functions and services are optionally available for intelligent control of machining machines to increase production yields and part quality.

QMTSubFace strengths
  • A turnkey aesthetic control solution including control equipment and implementation methodology.
  • A repeatable aesthetic check and therefore the agreement with the client.
  • The guarantee of optimal quality limiting overquality A turnkey aesthetic control solution including the control equipment and the implementation methodology.
  • QMTSubFace adapts to the different geometries of the parts to be checked.
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For optical control

To increase production yields
and the quality of the parts

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For acoustic and vibration control