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Recognized for its innovation by the canton of Geneva in 2015


30 years of innovation
Award-winning successes
Innovation is in qmt's DNA

Since the founding of qmt in 1989, qmt has always innovated: by introducing digital imaging from the creation of the company, by developing a 100% automatic microdurometer in 1992 (Credit Suisse price) or by putting on the market in 2009 the first full-field digital profile projector for the watch industry.

The current challenges concern digitalization. With our history, it is obvious that we take up this challenge!

We are also at your disposal so that you can guide us on your future needs so that we can anticipate and thus be present to support you in your future successes.


qmt introduced the concept of Mechatronics Inspection

Most current measurement systems do not add value to the inspected product. Based on this observation, qmt introduced the concept of Mecatronic Multiple Inspection Systems ™ in order to push back the limits of measurement by combining multi-signal inspection with operations of all types.

Vahid Fakhfouri, Ph.D.

Artificial intelligence and Big Data

In 2019, we launched ambitious development plans in order to be able to meet the future needs of our customers. The first concrete results are planned for 2020 in order to increase the added value of our products and your data.

More information and surprises to follow ...

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qmt wins the 2015 Innovation Prize

On November 5, 2015, qmt was awarded by the canton of Geneva for its innovations

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Innovation at qmt

qmt innovates for 30 years in testing and quality control