After sales service

For systems delivered by qmt
Basic Services
Support and assistance for systems developed by qmt
Technical support, questions and improvement proposals

We provide after-sales service on qmt solutions, an autonomous team processes requests in order to resolve them either through telephone support, remote maintenance or on-site intervention.

The strong points of the qmt service
  • A shorter processing time for support requests, differentiated according to customer needs
  • A multidisciplinary team dedicated to providing services for customers
  • A comprehensive service offering and strong service commitments
  • A 100% digitalized process for transparent and collaborative processing of requests

You have a support need, a question or a suggestion for improvement. Log in to the qmtlink service portal to submit your request. Our team will process your request within 48 hours.

The qmtlink portal
In order to guarantee the efficiency of processing as well as traceability, qmt provides a web portal so that customers can make their requests and document them. A knowledge base is available to provide a first level of support.

QMT support

TeamViewer remote maintenance

qmt offers after-sales service via remote maintenance. With this solution, the qmt technician can take control of your system remotely while still seeing the screen.

TeamViewer is very simple to implement and guarantees the IT security of your system,

To access a PC from the internet

Simple to install and use

Information in English only

For PC remote control