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30 years of quality control expertise

Solutions for automated quality control

Some products

qmt introduced the concept of Mechatronic Inspection

Most current measurement systems do not add value to the inspected product. Based on this observation, qmt has introduced the concept of Mechatronic Multiple Inspection Systems™ to push back the limits of measurement by combining multi-signal inspection with operations of all types.

Ivan Meissner
Quality control of microtechnical parts
More than 30 years of experience in the measurement of watch parts

qmt is an expert in the measurement and control of small parts. This expertise has been acquired in particular in the field of mechanical watchmaking. We also serve the medical and automotive sectors which have similar needs. It is therefore natural for qmt to combine the specific know-how of each industry.

We can offer manual solutions with our qmtcontrol devices or stations to be integrated into our client's automatic machine with qmtcheck stations. For 100% sorting of large volumes, we offer qmtinspect sorting machines.

quality control of microtechnical parts
A complete range of solutions for high-precision measurement, inspection and sorting of microtechnical parts
Example of automated quality control
Camera quality control of pipettes for the medical industry
Pipettes are used in the medical industry to perform small volume assays. To guarantee the precision of this dosage, the pipette tips must have a geometry as well as a perfect surface condition. The plastic injection production process for pipette tips does not allow 100% quality control. 100% automatic control is therefore necessary
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Multi-Signal Inspection
Measurement and quality control based on multiple signals

qmt offers automated quality control solutions with multi-signal inspection. Each system can integrate a single type of signal or combine several signals, in particular optics and acoustics.

  • Traditional vision by camera but also new optical technologies
  • Acoustics and vibration
  • Physical characteristics and electrical signals
Project management and technologies
Broad technical and organizational know-how

Mastery of multiple disciplines such as micromechanics, electronics, optics, automation and software

The know-how
Tailor-made solution
Solutions meeting specifications

qmt designs, develops, delivers and maintains tailor-made solutions that meet the specifications of its customers

Tailor-made solutions
Some products
Standard or customer products

qmt offers a range of products that can be personalized (qmtf4u) as well as the industrialization of tailor-made solutions to create customer products (qmtoem)

From Optics to Mechatronics Inspection
All the know-how for solutions mastered by qmt

The guarantee of a high-performance solution that meets specifications

Understanding of the need and technical coordination for a complete and turnkey solution

Software development with acquisition, processing and ordering

Design, assembly and development of mechanical systems

Design of analog and digital electronics

Calculation, definition and realization of optical systems


Mastery of the acquisition of vibratory signals, their processing and analysis

Data Science

Mastery of data backup and their analyzes to learn, control and anticipate

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qmt Creations
Five product lines

Acquisition and processing of signals with software, hardware, acquisition hardware and sensors

Autonomous, they are dedicated to measurement for control by sampling in production and for the laboratory

Completely automatic from the feeding of the parts to the control: any non-compliant part is thus ejected and therefore the quality control is 100% guaranteed

Embedded and distributed systems

They operate autonomously with acquisition, processing and control to supervise and automate

Test benches

physical systems allowing to put a product in configurable and controlled conditions of use in order to observe and measure its behavior

qmt at the service of its customers with 34 years of success

In 1991, qmt developed Multimicro, a motorized image analyzer with automatic microhardness measurement

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Control devices
Measurement and control at the edge of lines and in laboratories