Equipment for measuring turned parts
Equipment for measuring turned parts

The QMTProjector-100-DECO is a variation of the QMTProjector-100 for the control of turned parts of small dimensions thanks to the QMTVLine setting. It is therefore particularly well suited to the watchmaking field.

It allows high-precision measurement of the dimensional characteristics of static parts in the field. Quick and easy to use, without adjustment or alignment, the part is simply placed in the fixture to measure it reliably and precisely. The equipment software is QMTMesure-Base with a specific function for measuring turned parts. QMTJust technology is integrated into the software to guarantee metrological performance. Custom functions can be developed as part of the qmt “Fit For You” program.

The strengths of the QMTProjector-100-DECO
  • No planing: Reliable and very fast measurement without planing even when changing products
  • Without programming: A software function that allows all measurements without programming
  • High precision: QMTJust to guarantee metrological performance
qmt customization programs
Fit For You (qmtF4U)
some products

some products

Workaround on

Solution according to specifications


Custom product
industrialized by qmt

QMTProjector-100-DECO technologies
The QMTProjector-100-DECO is a full field optical measuring device
QMVLine installation

The innovation QMVLine allows the measurement of the part without having to make the planing

Telecentric lens and QMTJust calibration

This optical technology allows the removal of optical defects from
magnification, perspective errors and distortion. In addition, the QMTJust calibration guarantees measurement accuracy.

High resolution digital camera

5MPixel camera (2'500 x 2'000 pixels)

Diascopic lighting

Partially telecentric green LED lighting. This lighting only makes it possible to visualize and measure the contour of the part, but with very high precision.

Integrated IT

The computer system is integrated with the equipment in order to have a completely integrated solution that does not require computers. The 12 "(optional 21") screen is integrated and tactile.

Applications of the QMTProjector-100-DECO
The QMTProjector-100-DECO is suitable for the inspection of turned parts
Watch components

The QMTProjector-100-DECO is particularly suitable for the control of watch components

Other components

The QMTProjector-100-DECO also fits measurements of other components smaller than 5.7 x 5mm

QMTProjector-100-DECO software
QMTMesure software is efficient and easy to use

The software for high precision dimensional measurement without any programming

Simply select the desired measurement function, place the part in the measurement area and read the measurement results on the screen. QMTMesure-Base includes a list of basic functions , options for advanced functions but also the possibility of adding personalized functions through the Fit For You program

QMTMesure-Pro software

The software for high precision dimensional measurement with assisted programming

The control program is carried out using an intuitive interface comprising program templates, standard control equations and functions that automatically detect and offer the characteristics of the part. The operator can thus select the controls and define the tolerances, the control program is thus created automatically. The possibility is also offered to add available functions or to develop a personalized function through the Fit For You program.

A specific function for measuring turned parts

A function dedicated to turned parts allows the measurement of all the characteristics of the part without programming

QMTM Measurement
Fit for you program (F4Y)
The adaptation of a product according to your specific need
Personalization of a product

Qualimatest products can be customized both in terms of equipment and software. The first level of software customization is the addition of additional functions ( Complete list of functions ) or the development of a personalized function. It is also possible to personalize the equipment, for example by modifying the field of vision or by adding incident lighting.

OEM program

On the basis of Qualimatest products, it is proposed to produce a labeled product on behalf of our customers who may be private or marketed by themselves.


Guarantee the accuracy of measurement

qmt has developed and implemented the QMTJust algorithm and thus improve the measurement accuracy by 16x to achieve << 1µm errors

More information
QMTProjector-100 Specifications
Compact, integrated and precise
Functions QMTProjector-100-DECO QMTProjector-FFY
Field of view [mm] 8.5 x 7.1 According to specifications
Accuracy [μm] 0.7 According to specifications
Type of parts All types of turned parts According to specifications
Piece size Maximum 7.5 x 5mm According to specifications
Lighting Telecentric Diascopic According to specifications
Measurement software QMTMesure-Base and QMTMesure-Pro (option) According to specifications
QMTCalqueControl (DXF) “Fit For You” personalization Optional
QMTSixSigma “Fit For You” personalization Optional
Computer science On-board intelligence with 11 "touchscreen (21" optional) According to specifications
Focus (z axis) Manual According to specifications
Dimensions (H x W x D) [mm] 560 x 210 x 350 According to specifications
More technical information with the presentation Detailed presentation
QMTMeasure software functions
All solutions are based on unique software functions

For optical control

To increase production yields
and the quality of the parts

For aesthetic control

For acoustic and vibration control

The ease of use of QMTVLine for measuring turned parts

A demonstration of the difference in use of a standard fitting with the QMTVLine: time saving and ease of use

Control devices
Measurement and control at the edge of lines and in laboratories
qmt Creations
Five product lines

Acquisition and processing of signals with software, hardware, acquisition hardware and sensors

Autonomous, they are dedicated to measurement for control by sampling in production and for the laboratory

Completely automatic from the feeding of the parts to the control: any non-compliant part is thus ejected and therefore the quality control is 100% guaranteed

Embedded and distributed systems

They operate autonomously with acquisition, processing and control to supervise and automate

Test benches

physical systems allowing to put a product in configurable and controlled conditions of use in order to observe and measure its behavior