At the heart of aeronautics & defense

Test benches and software to guarantee security
Aeronautics, Space and Defense Industries
At the heart of critical systems and strategic issues
We participate in the development of ever more reliable, responsive, intelligent and efficient systems

We have produced dozens of high performance benches that have enabled the characterization and validation of systems integrated in airplanes, satellites or launchers: aircraft engines, braking systems, in-flight control and regulation systems, control systems. survival for example. We also produce on-board systems for vehicles and military equipment, making it possible to have raw and interpreted data in real time concerning, for example, the external environment, the state of on-board systems, or offering combat or control functions. countermeasures, in some cases fully automated.

The strengths of a collaboration with qmt
  • Knowledge of the requirements and constraints of these sectors
  • Our ability to harden Systems
  • Our expertise in Measurement & Signal, as well as in Acoustics & Vibrations
From SMEs to multinationals in various industries
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Control devices
Measurement and control at the edge of lines and in laboratories