Measuring station integrated in a cell for BAUD Industrie
A dimensional measurement and aspect control station in a manufacturing cell

qmt has been working for over three years with BAUD Industries, a family business created in 1978. BAUD Industries is recognized for its expertise and innovation in bar turning and precision machining. Julien Lafenêtre, responsible for industrialization methods at BAUD, explains the project to us.

QMTCheck-M4U Measurement station

The measurement integrated in the machining cell

qmt has delivered a QMTCheck-M4U station for dimensional measurement and aesthetic control of auto parts. This station is integrated in the machining cell so that the measurements are used to regulate the manufacturing process.

Two strong points for this project

  • Integration into the cell: size, robustness and scalability
  • Combination of dimensional measurement and aesthetic control
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Mr. Lafenêtre, to begin with, can you tell us a few words about the context of your collaboration?

Yes, it is important to know that on the BAUD Industries site in Vougy we practically only produce parts intended for the automotive industry, which implies the use of very specific machines. The imperatives of the sector are well known: large production volumes, very high level of quality and constant search for lower production costs. I would add that with us, the central aspect of “zero defects” is combined with extremely high requirements in terms of deadlines and validation. In addition, the evolution of the field means that there are more and more constraints in terms of the appearance of the parts (bumps and scratches). I would say that at this level we tend to approach the requirements of the watchmaking world.

You have been working with qmt for three years now. How did this relationship start?

Our collaboration started when BAUD Industries had just bought the company from EBEA. At that time, BAUD Industries had decided to create an internal machine. It was a highly technical project, with very high requirements, particularly in terms of aspect control. qmt was the only company with the required level of vision expertise. And it is especially the only one to have demonstrated that it could meet all our expectations.

Products and controls

The products to be checked are current sensors. The objective is to control the geometry and the spatial position of the pins.
The controls to be carried out and the constraints

  • No burrs
  • Inner diameter: 60mm +/- 0.15mm with 10% R&R
  • Cycle time: maximum 5 seconds
From a technical point of view, what do you think is the greatest added value of qmt?

Without hesitation, I would say that it is having the possibility of evolving on the same platform, regardless of the type of project we are working on. At BAUD Industries, we like to work with different technologies, different machines. Being able to work at the vision level with the same software, the same strategy, the same interface and the same connection for all projects represents real comfort. A single computer is then enough to connect to all our machines.

Are you satisfied with this collaboration?

In fact, the results are excellent, both in terms of performance and service. When we have to interact with the qmt team, the feeling we have is that of great professionalism. They knew how to adapt perfectly to the specificities of the world of bar turning, are very reactive on all our requests and have an implication which goes far beyond the specifications. We really work hand in hand. They are listening to us, whether at the start or during the project. From my point of view, this is essential.

The user interface

A simple user interface with QMTMesure-Expert software

Presentation of this success at NIDays 2014


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