Screw endurance test bench for SKF

A QMTBench-M4U solution

Precision screw endurance

qmt operated a complete retrofit of a multi-spindle endurance bench for the company SKF. The bench is intended for endurance testing of high precision screws. Two strong points for this project:


  • Electrotechnical integration
  • A single chain for Measurement and Control
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The need for SKF

This division of the SKF group designs and manufactures high precision screws for specific applications: heavy loads (e.g. overhead cranes), or precision guidance in the space sector.

The very high requirements of these environments imply a perfect knowledge of the behavior of the products. Hence the need for a new endurance and aging bench, reliable, precise and flexible, allowing products to be cycled over very long periods, a bench test which can sometimes last more than a year.

The scope of the project

It involves operating a complete retrofit of the controls, motorization, acquisition and control of a bench, while retaining a proven mechanical frame.

The major functions sought include the independent control of each of the five spindles, the integration of new sensors, manual or automatic control and recovery management.

We find on this type of benches all the classic functions of a QMTBench: configuration of tests, safety, calibrations, or visualization and exploitation of test results.

The whole animated via ergonomic, efficient and modern interfaces.

The solution implemented

qmt led the electrotechnical integration including notably the change of the motors and variators, the sensors, the wiring, the baying, and this, until the certification of the bench.

The bench is animated by a QMTBench core, personalized to SKF's needs, and based on a unique architecture grouping together the measurement and control-command chains, animated by a real-time controller based on FPGA.


Technological environment
  • Measurements: torques, forces, rpm (~ 2000), positions, temperatures
  • Schneider Electric Lexium drives and brushless motors
  • Real-time architecture (CompactRio from National Instruments), Modbus TCP communication



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