Personalized visit to the qmt room as a replacement for the EPHJ
qmt will not be present at the EPHJ 2021
New qmt products are presented in personalized or digital sessions

qmt has presented its products and services at the EPHJ fair every year for more than 15 years. For the 2021 edition, the health constraints we are experiencing have led us to choose not to be present

qmt has something new to present. We are therefore developing alternatives so that we can present them to you and discuss your projects with you:

  • The products are presented in our customer area, we welcome our customers for private presentations
  • Visits, demonstrations and equipment rental
  • The products are documented and presented on our website
  • A monthly newsletter
  • Continuous information on LinkedIn

Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can present our products to you.

A customer area with a showroom

Presentations and demonstrations of our products are carried out in our showroom, they are personalized according to your products and needs.

Visits, demonstrations and equipment rental

Our team will be happy to assist you on site to assess your projects in your specific context. We can also evaluate demonstrations in your premises or equipment rentals

Product presentation on the website

Update of our website to include new products and information on existing products (films, application examples, application notes)

Continuous information on LinkedIn

We publish news and information on services and products on the LinkedIn qmt page. Click the rectangle below to subscribe.

Monthly newsletter

We will inform you monthly by email about qmt news and new products

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Fit for you (F4U)
some products

some products

F4U program
Solution on
measure up

Solution according to the booklet

M4U program
OEM program

Custom product
industrialized by QMT

OEM program

The new communication qmt

Information on qmt

qmt takes stock of the current changes. It is no longer possible to meet at trade fairs, so we have to communicate differently. qmt will therefore make the necessary efforts to communicate with you digitally so that important resources are made available

What information is available

qmt primarily communicates its know-how, the technologies used and the innovations in the context of services, but also of products. We also communicate about news, the qmt team and the successes achieved

Visits are always privileged as much as possible

Our team will come to you as often as possible. We prefer this communication to work on projects because it remains the most effective

Receive a monthly informational email focusing on technical content and success stories

Continuous information from qmt and its employees

qmt has set up collaborative tools and trained its team to communicate effectively using new means


The qmt website centralizes all information that is kept up-to-date


We are talking about qmt

Follow qmt news through our publications

The publications
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