ZigBee test bench for PROFALUX
Test bench for the control of electronic boards
ZigBee communicating cards tests

In order to guarantee optimal quality of its products to its customers, Profalux trusted qmt for the production of end-of-production test benches for controlled roller shutter motor boards using the ZigBee communication protocol.

With a 100% qmt design, the test bench reproduces the hardware environment of a control motor card with an antenna, a motor and the connectors. The assembly is encapsulated in a Faraday cage in order to electromagnetically isolate the product under test from its environment.

A complete solution by qmt

Mastering all the trades necessary for the realization of a test bench (mechanical, electronic, electrotechnical, IT, software, ...), qmt designed, developed, re-released and commissioned this test bench at PROFALUX. qmt also performs all the services to guarantee maintenance in operational conditions.

Advanced tests at high speed for 100% control

The measurements and controls carried out are:

  • Transmit frequency
  • Characteristics of the peak emission power of the radio frequency signal
  • ZigBee communication qualification

With very little operator manipulation, this equipment controls 100% of production and in a cycle time of less than 50 seconds. Compliant products are then labeled.

Electromagnetic insulation and test bench

In order to be able to characterize the product reliably, the tested product is encapsulated in a Faraday cage in order to electromagnetically isolate the product under test from its environment. The Radio Frequency attenuation obtained is greater than 70dB for frequencies up to 2.5GHz.

In parallel, a computer bay controls the bench and embeds a DAQ peripheral to manage the interface between the computer and the signals by digitizing the incoming analog signals so that they are readable by the computer, a spectrum analyzer to qualify the radio frequency emission and secure power supply.

Software with ZigBee communication

Based on 30 years of experience in signal processing, the test sequencing software is developed in LabVIEW by qmt technical teams. It allows multi-level use for operators and experts and easy monitoring of the automatic test sequence triggered by the closing of the cage.

Very present in connected objects (IoT), ZigBee is a high-level protocol allowing the communication of personal or domestic equipment equipped with small radio transmitters with low consumption. It is based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard for wireless personal area networks (WPAN)


The advantages of the proposed solution:

  • A high rate of 50 seconds per part
  • Measurements details
  • Standard technological bricks guarantee the robustness of the solution

Profalux based in Thyez (Haute Savoie)) designs, manufactures and markets more than 1,300 roller shutters, solar protection and roller garage doors every day. With nearly 3 million products installed in France, since 1969 the brand has offered the essential expertise of exceptional French manufacturing.

Product under test with electromagnetic isolation

The test bench

User interfaces

Use of the PROFALUX ZigBee test bench

The complete testing cycle of a product including its labeling

Project technical manager
The project made it possible to highlight a synergy and a very good dynamic between the end customer and the QMT teams which allows to establish the dimension of the development of both software and hardware solutions of the company. Other benches allowing the validation of other related products will emerge with this partner.
Gilles Pitard
Senior Software & Instrumentation Developer
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