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qmt has been producing cutting-edge solutions for quality control for 30 years

The qmt optics and vision team are experts in the realization of vision systems for quality control and automation. It carries out tailor-made projects (m4u program) according to our customers' specifications and develops standard equipment. In this way, systems were born in our country that meet stringent control requirements, integrated into production lines, in fields as diverse as the production of watch components, glass syringes, stainless steel tubes or large-scale products. consumption.

qmt has developed the standard QMT Vision Inspector platform to guarantee performance and optimal development costs.

Experience combined with skills

The qmt optics and machine vision team
Claude Detée
Machine Vision Expert
Vahid Fakhfouri, Ph.D.
Fabrice Seyve
Multi-Inspection Architect
Jacky Vallon
Vision Developer
Optical control
A technology for non-contact measurement
Very precise and very fast measurement

A team dedicated to the know-how of optics and machine vision with a very complete infrastructure to carry out studies and define optimal solutions.

Expertise in many types of applications

Expertise in the optical control of production at high speed with high repeatability of control. Unlike an operator, a machine is never tired and its decision criteria do not vary. The solutions developed can respond to a multitude of quality control, test or process automation applications.

Innovative optical systems

The know-how of the qmt team covers traditional industrial vision but also innovative optical systems, that is to say systems simulating the gaze of a human being but also 3D vision, relief vision increased , chromatic confocal ...


Qmt experts often use the Vision Development module and the Vision Builder for Automated Inspection platform from NI to develop algorithms and perform checks and measurements. They complement these tools with qmt or open-source algorithms.

Knowledge of the specificities of industrial sectors

We are active in multiple industries , but have particular experience in our seven strategic industries which are watchmaking, aeronautics & defense, medical, automotive, railway, electrical engineering and energy. Our reference list is a testament to our success.

Artificial intelligence in optical systems

We are developing know-how in artificial intelligence for optical control. Our solutions have limits that are defined in the qmt approach for the implementation of artificial intelligence

  • Precise dimensional measurement
  • Assembly control
  • aesthetic control
  • Robot guidance
  • Print quality control
Complete mastery of vision systems

In summary, the Industrial Vision inspection cycle consists of taking one or more images of the object to be inspected, digitizing them, applying image processing algorithms dedicated to the inspection and providing a verdict according to the predefined criteria. or to initiate another action depending on the results. Our experts deal with the entire inspection cycle, from choosing the right optics and sensors to interfacing with the industrial environment, including the definition and optimization of image processing algorithms.

The Techlab

Some projects require an initial phase of theoretical or experimental study in order to validate the feasibility. Our team has a laboratory equipped to dispel technical doubts on an experimental basis. In addition, the team includes scientists who can deal theoretically with the problems posed. Customers thus have the opportunity to validate the performance of their equipment before they are carried out.

The choice of material

The qmt experts select the right equipment for the success of the project with attention to all the optical components determining the quality of the images acquired. The QMT Vision Inspector platform integrates a full range of equipment that meets our benchmarking criteria to meet all types of projects. We are also developing our own innovative optical systems, such as qmtvline fitting and qmteclipse lighting to fill gaps in the market.

Specificities of projects carried out according to ISO 13485 requirements (option):

The requirements of ISO 13485 apply to companies designing control systems for use in medical devices. All along the value chain, qmt products are designed, developed and manufactured with the aim of being safer and more efficient. Particular rigor is applied to traceability and risk analysis for the medical sector. The risk analysis is integrated into the risk management file of the product object.

qmt offers a project realization process adapted to the medical industry

With specific experience in the field and ISO 13485 certification

The medical industry is one of qmt's strategic sectors
Medical sector
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some products

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OEM program
Extensive experience in 7 industries

qmt is active in all industries but with particular experience in watchmaking, automotive, medical, aeronautics & defense, electronics, energy and rail


qmt is a key player in the watch industry

Aeronautics & Defense

Test benches with advanced signal processing


Robust embedded systems certified to EN 50155


Quick and contactless quality control to aim for zero defects


Mechatronic solutions certified ISO13485

Electrical engineering

Test benches to qualify communicating products


We support our customers in the energy transition

qmt at the service of its customers with 30 years of success

In 1991, she applied LabVIEW for the development of her own installations and developed Multimicro, a motorized image analyzer with automatic microhardness measurement.

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