New employees at qmt
The qmt team is evolving
New talents join qmt

qmt puts know-how at the center of its strategy, which implies a permanent investment in its team.

During the first part of the year, despite the vagaries of the COVID-19 crisis, the qmt team evolved with the arrival of new colleagues in qmt strategic areas

  • Cédric Negri joined the Software & Instrumentation team as a Developer
  • Kevin Benoit joined the Business Management team as Business Manager
  • Gilles Keller joined the Mechatronics team as Senior Developer

Our new colleagues are already at the service of our clients. We welcome them again.

Cedric Negri
Software and Instrumentation Developer
Cedric, what is your background?
Following 2 years of work-study program in electronic telecommunications engineering within the company EFI Automotive, I had the chance to work in an industrial environment as a software and electronic development engineer as well as Test Engineer within the subsidiary. French and American group.
What is your mission at qmt?
My mission at qmt is to realize and participate in the software and hardware development of electronic and mechatronic systems. I would also have under my responsibility the follow-up of the products in their phase of prototyping until their industrialization.
What are your main skills?
My mastery of National Instruments development environments (LabVIEW, RT, FPGA), data management (MySQL) and my skills in electronic design and simulation will allow me to ensure my new role as software and instrumentation developer and contribute to the success of qmt and its customers.
Outside of work, what are your hobbies?
I am passionate about board sports (surfing, snowboarding, kite-surfing…), cycling and running, and also a fan of travel and gastronomy.
Cedric Negri

qmt at the service of its customers with 30 years of success

In 1991, she applied LabVIEW for the development of her own installations and developed Multimicro, a motorized image analyzer with automatic microhardness measurement.

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Kevin benoit
Business manager
Kevin, what is your background?
Following a training at ENSIEG of the INPG and a DEA in electrical engineering, I joined the Pellenc group in the context of product development in the field of viticulture and olive growing. I then integrated different structures with the objective of increasing customer contact while remaining in the technique. After working as a project manager, in a company involved in the design of mechatronic devices with industrial, defense and space customers, I joined qmt with 15 years of experience in systems design and 10 years in project management.
What is your mission at qmt?
I am Business Manager in different sectors, industrial, Aeronatics & Defense, medical and electrotechnical, and support clients in order to provide them with the right quality and value they expect from our products.
What are your main skills?
I am delighted to participate in the development of the qmtbench product range in order to provide our customers with complete test bench solutions, from the connection of their products to the test bench to control reports, including graphical piloting interfaces. and berry control.
Outside of work, what are your hobbies?
Lover of mountain sports and outdoor activities, it is a pleasure to have joined a team that shares the same extra-professional interests.
Kevin benoit

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Gilles Keller
Senior Mechatronics Developer
Gilles, what is your background?
Passionate about mechanical art since my childhood and graduated from École Centrale Paris, I have been involved for 25 years in many technical challenges such as automobile and motorcycle racing, Formula 1 and manufacturing processes and industrial measurements . I have thus developed a multidisciplinary approach combining mechanical design, measurement instrumentation and programming (LabVIEW, industrial controllers, robots). I have also acquired strong workshop skills. I have always been keen to commit myself to excellence, performance, reliability and customer satisfaction. I therefore approach projects with a scientific approach, seeking simplicity and efficiency.
What is your mission at qmt?
My mission within QMT is the design and development of mechatronic systems.
What are your main skills?
I look forward to investing my technical skills in new projects and sharing my mindset as well as my problem solving skills.
Outside of work, what are your hobbies?
I practice mountaineering, rock climbing and ski touring. The mountain is for me a place of healing where I find balance and inspiration.
Gilles Keller
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